COVID-19 Information

While COVID-19 is still active in the area, the transmission rate and impacts to TMA have greatly lessened. We will continue to keep our COVID-19 information available for families to access including the dashboard, our case reporting tool, and our policy.

2023-24 COVID-19 Dashboard


Total reportable positive cases since August 14, 2023 (first day of 2023-24 school year).

Positive Test

If your child has tested positive, please use the  COVID-19 Case Reporting Tool to notify the school. We will reply via email providing a return date for your child.

COVID-19 Policy

Please review our  COVID-19 Policy for details about when to stay home if there is a positive test in the household.

Isolation and Exposure Calculator

Find out how long you should isolate with the CDC’s Isolation and Exposure Calculator on the CDC’s website