Alumni Thoughts

What do alumni of TMA have to say about what happens after TMA? We asked six alumni to return to TMA to answer questions from current parents. See what they have to say about the transition, making friends, handling homework and grades, and much more.

Classroom Transition

How difficult or easy was it to sit in the classroom and follow the lead of the teacher?

Schools Attending Now

What schools do you go to now?

Social Transition

How has the transition been socially?

Subject Area Knowledge

How did you handle already knowing the subject areas?

Wish you had been told/Grades

What is one thing you wish you had been told? What about grades?

Study Skills

Did you find that you had the right skills to know how to study?


Is it hard getting used to a lot of homework?

Navigating Bigger School

How do you navigate a bigger school?

Ready for a Bigger School

Were you ready to be in a bigger school?

Feel Nervous about the Transition?

Did you feel nervous about the transition?


Did you join sports at your new school?

Electronics/Social Media Transition

How have you handled the transition with electronics and social media?

Internet Safety

How do you stay safe on the internet?

Staying in Touch

How do you stay in touch with your friends from TMA?

After College

What do you see yourself doing after college?