A Message from the Head of School

We believe the child is in the process of becoming:

  • A moral being who is responsible and accountable for his/her actions;
  • A confident, competent learner,
  • Academically prepared;
  • Independent;
  • Intrinsically motivated and autonomous;
  • Critical and creative thinker and problem-solver;
  • Socially responsible;
  • Compassionate;
  • Peacemaker;
  • Able to handle external authority;
  • Protector of the environment and its resources;
  • Respecter of all persons; and
  • A productive, caring community citizen.
Pam Dunbar

Our mission as a Montessori school is to equip children for life. The  Parent-Teacher-Child Triangle graphically depicts the portrait of a TMA graduate; it identifies that we choose to do our work in partnership with families. In the school environment, professionals are expected to model the attributes daily and to provide opportunities within and outside of the classroom for children to develop the attributes. Likewise, in the home environment, parents are expected to model the attributes daily and to provide opportunities for children to develop the attributes. These attributes, developed in our students, are the outcomes of TMA’s educational program.

Our vision is to extend our mission beyond the students at TMA. We strive to integrate parents and teaching professionals into a true learning community that impacts our neighboring communities and the greater Montessori professional community. All of us share in the responsibility for advocating the success and the “magic” of what goes on in Montessori classrooms in our surrounding community and beyond.

— Pam Dunbar


To provide quality Montessori education to a diverse student population in partnership with parents.

Vision Statement

To build TMA into a “great” Montessori learning community, sustainable and independent of any one person’s leadership, with impact beyond the school community to the local community and greater Montessori professional community.

Belief Statements

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We believe that Montessori classrooms are based on the principle of respect: respect for the child, respect between children, respect for individual and cultural differences, respect for the teacher, parents, and for the Montessori materials.

We believe that children learn best when they are active participants in their own learning and are expected to work to their potential.

We believe that TMA students are in the process of becoming academic achievers with a love of learning, critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers who use technology as a tool, peacemakers, protectors of the environment and its resources, and responsible, productive, and caring community citizens.

We believe that the triangle of parent-teacher-child working together facilitates optimal learning and high self-esteem.

If you would like more details, please read our  Family Guide.

Vision Statement for the Educational Program

The Montessori Academy, in partnership with parents and community, is committed to providing an affordable, quality Montessori program for students of diverse abilities, economic, and cultural backgrounds in a way that:

  • provides individualized learning and group experiences;
  • integrates learning across all subjects and makes connections with real-world application of knowledge;
  • infuses and integrates technology into the academic curriculum and classroom environment;
  • promotes respect for all cultures; and
  • develops a sense of community

so that students become academic achievers with a love of learning, critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers who use technology as a tool, peacemakers, protectors of the environment and its resources, and responsible, productive, and caring community citizens.

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