Summer programs at TMA vary by age group. For Infant, Toddler, and Early Childhood students, the summer program is a continuation of the Montessori learning environment offered the throughout the year. Daily outdoor activities enrich our traditional Montessori curriculum, allowing students to bring their work into the courtyards and develop gross motor skills in our expansive natural playscape where children use real shovels for digging, balance on rocks with their bare feet in our sensory walk creek bed, develop their vestibular system in our laybrinth, and feed and care for our pig and chickens. Our year-round option includes enrollment for the traditional school year as well as the summer term. 

For our Elementary students, our summer program offers emphasis on special topics and activities while maintaining a Montessori environment focused on strengthening independence and interdependence. For all sessions, half of each day will be spent outdoors in activities focused on gardening, movement, collaborative games, and exploration of our 5-acre wildscape. The other half of the day, students spend time with a Montessori-credentialed teacher engaging in special hands-on activities which allow children to explore themes in fun, creative ways all while sharpening math and reading skills, The summer term is included in our year-round elementary option and is also available by session for students enrolled in the school-year option. 

Building a Rabbit Hutch

Building a Rabbit Hutch

Upper Elementary students are building a rabbit hutch. Everyone helps to create and care for our environment at TMA.

Feeding the Chickens

Our students take part in caring for all of our animals, from the classroom to those who live outdoors. Here, we see Early Childhood students feeding our chickens.

Outdoor Classroom

Developing the Creek Bed

Students are helping Mr. Walt prepare the creek bed by shoveling sand into dump trucks for easier transportation of the material.