Whether inside or outside, TMA offers students a stimulating and safe educational environment.

TMA students enjoy exploring our 13-acre learning environment! Inside and out, students safely and confidently learn by exploring innovative and purpose-driven learning spaces across our campus.

Innovative Classrooms

Montessori classrooms provide children with a multi-age community of learners and multisensory learning experiences using concrete materials to learn concepts. Teachers have three years of hands-on curriculum at their fingertips and are able to personalize instruction to meet the needs of each child promoting self-paced, self-initiated learning. The three year age span in Early Childhood and Elementary classrooms allows children to learn from each other as well as their teacher. Children participate in caring for classroom pets, plants, and each other, promoting the development of nurturing, leadership, and mentoring skills.


With over 7,000 loan items in the TMA collection, we have something for every member of our community. Students are invited to read and travel the world via fiction and nonfiction. In doing so, they can complete a ‘reading passport.’

Kindergarten aged and elementary students visit the library weekly; however, all members of the TMA community are welcome to check out books with a parent. Upper Elementary students visit the library independently to conduct research, to volunteer as a library assistant, or for pleasure.

Outdoor Classroom

Maria Montessori believed deeply in the power of children connecting with nature. All students participate in universal natural movements. In addition to individual classroom courtyards and movement education, TMA boasts a 5-acre Wildscape where students engage in a biophilic (instinctive bond between humans and other living systems) program including nature play, hiking trails, and caring for animals. Students bear witness to the natural world firsthand as our gardens produce vegetables, eggs are gathered from our chickens, and our pig contributes to the composting process.