Upper Elementary Program — Grades 4-6

Program Goals:

  • Build upon skills introduced in the Lower Elementary program.

  • Extend the study of Cultural Subjects (Botany, Zoology, Physical Science, Geography, and History), Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, and Geometry using a totally integrated curriculum and incorporating project-based learning.

  • Provide personalized instruction in Mathematics and Language.

  • Enrich the curriculum through Art, Music, Spanish, Latin, Fitness Education, Computer Lab, Health, Science Lab, Drama, and Conflict Resolution.

  • Provide opportunities for individual student projects, cooperative group work, and community service projects.

  • Equip students with tools for successful learning as self-directed learners and group members, including the use of technology for research, writing, and presentation.

  • Strengthen skills in leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution, organization, and time management.

  • Provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom through one-day field trips, multi-day team building sessions at Camp Thurman, and four-day trips to Texas camps and Heifer Ranch in Arkansas.
Upper Elementary Trinomial Cube
Trinomial Cube

These two students completed the longest and most complicated math work in Upper Elementary – – the trinomial cube! They formulated the 3 layers separately, labeled them, combined all 3 layers together, and then took them apart again by similar terms to be able to do the trinomial formula.

Upper Elementary Grammar

Look at how engrossed this student is while completing his sentence analysis work! Breaking down the who, what, where, and when in extreme detail enhances his understanding of sentence structure and strengthens his writing abilities.

Upper Elementary Decimal Checkerboard
Decimal Multiplication

Upper Elementary students use the Decimal Checkerboard material to solve multiplication problems involving decimals. This student is solving the problem 8.4615*3301, laying out the appropriate representative beads, then moving and exchanging them as the work progresses.

Upper Elementary Logic

This group of students is working together to solve a Logic Grid puzzle. These logic puzzles become increasingly complex, teaching students reasoning, deduction, and close reading comprehension. This work is a favorite in the Upper Elementary classroom.

Upper Elementary Zoology Tree of Life

The 5th levels have finished working through the Zoology scientific classification box, so they used their notes throughout the past few months to put together the Zoology Tree of Life. 

Upper Elementary Community Service
Community Service

Our Upper Elementary students give back to the community by going to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to work in their gardens. They also serve the community before winter break by organizing and helping shoppers at Mission Arlington.