COVID-19 Policy

The health and well-being of our children, families, and staff are our highest priorities. In the interest of limiting transmission within our community, we are taking several precautionary measures and will follow all state and local guidance and/or orders. If those orders impose more restrictions than what is included in this policy, we will enforce those orders to ensure compliance.

Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

If any staff member or student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, they must isolate for 5 days and if, on day 6, they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours), they may return with strict mask use for 5 additional days while around others, unless actively engaged in eating or drinking. If symptoms are not resolving by day 6, staff or students must stay out until symptoms are resolving and are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine.

If staff or students are unable to wear a mask when around others, they must isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms or, after ending isolation of 5 days, provide two sequential negative tests that are 48 hours apart.

Information about the onset of illness and details about the test results confirming a positive case  must be submitted, as we are required to report all positive cases to local health authorities.

If a child or staff member is confirmed to have a case of COVID-19, we will notify close contacts. All close contacts who begin to experience  COVID-19 symptoms must provide a negative COVID-19 test or a medical release to return before the end of an isolation period as noted above. All students or staff members who are exposed outside of TMA and begin to experience symptoms must also provide a negative COVID-19 test result or a medical release to return before the end of an isolation period.

Health Check and Child Illness Policy

We encourage families to conduct a daily health check before coming to TMA. All staff and students should attend TMA only when they are healthy. Should any student or staff member have symptoms of illness, we ask you to observe our  Child Illness Policy (p. 54).

Summary of Enhanced Protocols

We are continually updating our processes and protocols in accordance with the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance and the guidance of local health authorities.

Enhanced Health and Hygiene Protocols
  • Ensure frequent hand washing with soap and water for students and staff.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces, materials, and laundered items.
  • When possible, keep courtyard doors open to improve air flow by allowing outside air to circulate in the building.
  • Use of air filtration systems in all rooms where student learning is conducted.
  • Toddler and Early Childhood students will not be required to wear masks. For any families who choose to send their child(ren) with a mask, we will treat it as an additional piece of clothing for students, reminding them when it is appropriate to remove or replace their mask. Following CDC guidance, children under 2 are not to wear a mask.
  • When community spread at the county level is high, as determined by state or local authorities:
  • Students in the elementary program must wear a mask when indoors.
  • Teachers, staff, and parents of enrolled students are required to wear masks indoors when in close contact with students or other adults. A medical exemption may be granted for a bona fide medical condition documented by a qualified medical provider, if TMA is able to make a reasonable accommodation for a teacher or staff member that would allow him or her to continue to perform his or her assigned duties and responsibilities without increased risk of infecting others.
  • All visitors, adults and children who are 2 and older, who are not members of the TMA community must wear a mask while indoors.

All masks should be worn properly covering the nose and mouth and follow our clothing guidelines to ensure they are appropriate and non-distracting.

Updated 08/25/2022