Elementary Summer 2020

Elementary Summer 2020 Session Descriptions

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Elementary Summer 2020 welcomes students ages 6-12 to a Montessori summer. The 10-week summer term is included in the year-round option, and is also available by session for students enrolled in the school-year option. Our summer program offers emphasis on special topics and activities while maintaining a Montessori environment focused on strengthening independence and interdependence. For all sessions, mornings will be spent outdoors in activities focused on gardening, movement, collaborative games, and exploration of our 5-acre wildscape.

Rising First, Second, and Third Levels will spend their mornings in one of our Lower Elementary classrooms under the guidance of a Montessori-credentialed teacher with afternoons spent with Mr. Walt in the outdoor environment and Multipurpose Room. During the morning work cycle, students will engage in activities designed to sharpen math and reading skills. Special hands-on activities will allow children to explore summer camp themes in fun, creative ways.

Rising Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Levels’ mornings will be spent outdoors while afternoon work will incorporate projects connected with the session’s theme, under the guidance and supervision of Upper Elementary teacher, Price Barnes. Students will also have an hour of Computer Lab to expand on projects and build their computer skills.

Session One: Service with a Smile (May 26-29)

“Life’s most persistent question and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” As we begin our summer sessions, we will reflect on these words from Dr. King and seek the answer, both in our school community and in the community that surrounds us. Students will have the opportunity to perform acts of service for TMA professionals and connect with others in our community who, in service to others, help to make the world around us better for us all.

Session Two: Da Vinci’s Designs (June 1-12)

How do we explore the life and work of an artist whose vast catalog of unfinished works include painting, architecture, elements of mechanics, and human anatomy? By creating works of our own! We may not put the next Mona Lisa on canvas, but we will find many great ways to express our own inner Da Vinci’s and have fun in the process.

Session Three: Art Exploration (June 15-26)

Picasso said that, “Every child is an artist.” We’ll spend this session exploring forms of art, including painting, sculpture, music, dance, and architecture. Students will have the chance to take inspiration from the artists who have helped shape our world and create some of their own masterpieces to share. Session Three will end with a family trip to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth.

Summer Break: June 29-July 2 (Student Holiday; Holiday Care is available. No class or Holiday Care on Friday, July 3.)

Session Four:  Ancient Empires (July 6-17)

What do Malian, Xiongnu, Mauryan, and Caral Supe have in common? They are all ancient civilizations that, though lost to the sands (or waves or jungles) of time, left behind breathtaking artifacts and structures that continue to strike our imagination and pay homage to the ingenuity of the human mind and hand working together. We’ll learn more about these civilizations, the lives they led, and the evidence they left behind.

Session Five: Summer Olympics (July 20-31)

While the greatest athletes of our time face-off against one another for national glory in Tokyo, our athletes will be battling for the gold at TMA. They’ll test their endurance in Classroom Ping Pong and Blowball and prove they have what it takes to dominate the field in a Tongue Twister-Math Facts-A-Z Word Choice Triathlon. Not since the first Olympic Games in 776 BC has humankind fought so fiercely to claim the number one spot.

Session Six: Gadgets, Gizmos, and Circuits (August 3-7)

Ever wonder what happens inside your broken small kitchen appliances or how to make a simple machine with recycled materials or how to upcycle old stuff to give it new life? During this session, we’re going to find out the answers to these and more questions. We’ll break out our tools, adhesives, and imaginations to bring our ideas to life. Who knows what we’ll invent!

Staff Work Week: August 10-14 (Student Holiday; no Holiday Care)

Fall Term Begins: August 17