Virtual Observations at TMA

Thank you for your interest in observing a classroom at TMA. Currently, we are only offering virtual observations which can be seen via a private link sent to you upon confirmation of your appointment. This link will only be active for the duration of your appointment. As a protection of the privacy of our students and staff, no part of the classroom activities may be recorded or reproduced.

Notes for First Time Observers

  • Montessori classrooms are orderly, but not necessarily quiet classrooms. The students’ social interaction and movement are allowed as long as it does not disturb the learning environment for the other children. Particularly in elementary classrooms, children are learning time management skills as they balance their need for social interactions with the accomplishment of work.
  • Do not expect to see all of the children working all the time. Each child is different and works at his/her own pace. Some children learn by observing others. Observation is allowed as long as it does not distract the child who is working.
Please complete the form below to request an observation. Our Admissions and Office Administrator will contact you to finalize your appointment details.