Community Service Opportunities

Parent Portal, Montessori Private School, Arlington TCX

Wash Bins

Wash out an clean all indoor recycling bins and trashcans in common areas and classrooms.
-- See Linda

Transfer Material

Transfer the remaining fall zone material from the field to the elementary structure area.
-- See Linda

TMA Campus

Power wash the front entryway and sidewalk.
-- See Ashley for details

Main Library

Repair metal support of upholstered chair seat. Requires welding.
-- See Jennifer for details

Staff Appreciation Committee

As parents, we were able to do something special each month to show how much we appreciate all the teachers and staff do for our kids! When you bring in items for the appreciation, this counts towards your community service hours!

We need a new Staff Appreciation Committee Chair. If you would like to sign up and earn all of your Community Service Hours for the year, please contact Lynette.

Help Raise Awareness of our School

You are the best way to let others know about our unique school. Please share your perspective about TMA on local sites. You can log one hour of Community Service for each of your reviews. Let the world know how much you love TMA!