Community Service Opportunities

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Art Show Volunteers Needed

April 25, 8:30-11:30 am
Art Show Volunteers are needed to help prepare student artwork for the annual Art Show which runs from April 29 through May 10. Helpers are needed on April 25, anytime between 8:30 and 11:30 am, to hang the artwork in our hallways. Come for as much or as little time as you have. Please email Denisse to let her know when you can help.

Clean Step-Stools

Scrub all step stools utilized in the classrooms and restrooms for EC & Toddler.
-- See Linda

Transfer Material

Transfer the remaining fall zone material from the field to the elementary structure area.
-- See Linda

Wash Bins

Wash out an clean all indoor recycling bins and trashcans in common areas and classrooms.
-- See Linda

Nido/Toddler Courtyards

Clean up and weed Nido/Toddler courtyards.
-- Contact Linda

Clean MPR

Thoroughly clean all surfaces on both sides of the Multipurpose Room. This includes cabinet doors, counters, cubbies, doors, door frames, sink area, etc.
-- See Linda

Help Raise Awareness of our School

You are the best way to let others know about our unique school. Please share your perspective about TMA on local sites. You can log one hour of Community Service for each of your reviews. Let the world know how much you love TMA!

Staff Appreciation Committee

As parents, we were able to do something special each month to show how much we appreciate all the teachers and staff do for our kids! When you bring in items for the appreciation, this counts towards your community service hours! How it works: Each month there will be an event created on the TMA Family Network. You can find the events by looking on the Events tab on the left column of Facebook.

-- When you click on the event and say you are "going," this will remind you that it is coming up.

-- On the event page will be a Sign Up Genius link. When you click on that link you will be directed to a sign up page for all the events coming up. Please select which ones you would like to contribute to.

I didn't put volunteers on the sign up sheet, but it is always nice to have someone help set up and man the event. You can comment on the event page if you are interested in helping.
--Lisa R.