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What do we do?

Children at TMA thrive both in our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Curiosity about the world drives them to learn more and we provide the materials and the environment for them to live up to their full potential.  Our committed professionals foster a child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being utilizing Montessori principles which lead children to become enthusiastic, intrinsically motivated learners.

How do we do it?

Children use concrete materials to understand concepts until ready for abstraction.

Who do we serve?

Children from 6 weeks through 6th grade

Why do we do it?

We want to prepare children for life, not just the next test. The portrait of a TMA graduate is:

  • A moral being who is responsible and accountable for his/her actions
  • A confident, competent learner who is academically prepared, independent, intrinsically motivated and autonomous
  • A critical and creative thinker and problem-solver
  • A socially responsible, compassionate peacemaker who is able to handle external authority
  • A protector of the environment and its resources
  • A respecter of all persons, and
  • A productive, caring community citizen

What should you do?

Request a visit to see our unique learning environment for yourself.

At A Glance

Our Global Community

With students and staff members representing more than 20 countries, we consider TMA to be a small-scale global community.

Outdoor Learning
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Courtyard and Outdoor Motor Lab

Students can choose to work with Montessori materials in the classroom courtyards or engage with gross motor activities in the Outdoor Motor Lab.

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Students have many opportunities to explore our 5-acre wildscape, learning about plants, insects, and other wildlife who visit this wondrous space.

Gardening and Animal Care

Our students fully engage in caring for our pig, Rufus, and our chickens on a daily basis. Students are also active participants in planting, maintaining, and growing fruits and vegetables in our gardens.

Highly Committed Teachers
Highly committed teachers
29% of our teachers are in their second decade of service at TMA.
Highly Committed Teachers
Highly Committed Teachers
Average tenure of lead classroom teachers at TMA is 8 years.
Highly Committed Teachers
29% of our lead teachers have worked at TMA for more than 10 years, 21% have worked here between 5-10 years, 36% have 3-4 years of tenure, and only 14% have worked at TMA for less than 3 years.
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TMA is fully accredited by the American Montessori Society. We are 1 of only 3 fully accredited schools in the DFW area. There are only 8 schools in Texas that hold this level of accreditation.

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Parent-Teacher-Child Triangle

Through the collaboration between Parent, Teachers, and Children, individual development is encouraged and fostered.

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Year Round

Students from 6 weeks to 6th grade can enroll for a year-round option, or choose a traditional 10-month school year.

Find out more about our programs.
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How is Montessori Different, Private School, Arlington TX

How is Montessori Different?

How is Montessori Different Than Traditional Education Systems?

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