Early Childhood Food Prep

We are not sure what this work will look like when we re-open in August, but it is a great Montessori at home activity. Children learn so much preparing food and snacks to serve others in their environment.

Food prep is a multi-stepped lesson that requires concentration, order, and coordination to be successful. The child has to first wash her hands, set out the material, prepare the food to serve, and then use social skills to offer the food to her peers, “Would you like a piece of bread?” “Yes, please.” “No, thank you.” “You are welcome. Enjoy!” This simple task requires two children to engage in proper etiquette of offering and accepting food. It is a great way to practice simple grace and courtesy!

Food preparation is essential through all of life’s stages and Montessori strives to help children internalize the foundations of practical everyday life as a means of developing their own coping skills and sense of responsibility. This work allows children to see food as a whole and to be part of and understand the process of achieving the end result.

Preparing and serving food in the Montessori environment is an enjoyable way for children to cultivate a sense of community within their class, a thought and feeling that serves individuals well through all stages of life. Working together to prepare a snack that everyone will enjoy shows many people working together to produce a positive result, while each child is simultaneously showing mastery and control over their own part in the process.

Early Childhood Serving Food

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