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First Level Preview

First Level Preview
Tuesday, August 8th | 5:00-6:30 pm

First level parents and students are invited to join us for a preview and light snack to get acquainted and learn more about what to expect in the coming year.






First Day of School

First Day of School is August 14th

Just a reminder that we start school August 14th. We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces and making new friends!

Thoughts From the Head

TMA's Director of Marketing and Admissions has been filled! We've had the opportunity to reconnect with a former administrative team member, Lynette Engelke, who has agreed to serve as the Director of Marketing and Admissions on an interim basis, from now until the end of December. I believe this will facilitate a smooth opening of school, provide us with a fresh pair of eyes on our current marketing efforts, and help us further refine the requisite skill set of the ideal permanent candidate for this position. Lynette was our Marketing Communications Specialist from 2006 to 2010. Both of her sons, Devin and Zander, began as toddlers and graduated from TMA. We are thrilled to have Lynette return as a member of the Administrative Team. Feel free to stop by the front desk and meet or welcome her back!







From a Former TMA Parent

"Having moved to a different school, state, and system, I can see what an amazing education my child received at TMA. If my family was in Texas my children would immediately attend!

TMA taught my kids a lot more than just academics - it taught them to respect others and challenge themselves."

Former TMA Parent